Iconic Iceland: 10 day road trip

Iceland is having a bit of a moment. The ‘land of fire and ice’ has been firmly on peoples’ radars since its massively disruptive volcanic eruption in 2010 (who knew that it was so close?), and interest was peaked after this nation of just 320,000 people dumped England out of the Euro 2016 football tournament….

Cuba in 2 weeks

Speak to any traveller and ask them which country is a ‘must see’ in the next few years, and Cuba will come in the top few (if not top) every time. Despite Obama’s efforts to restore relations with the country in 2016, tourism from the United States has yet to kick-in, though change is happening…

Southern Sri Lanka in 10 days

Being a teacher, the Easter holiday provides the perfect opportunity to get away for a substantial period of time. March/April also happens to be the best time of year to visit many tropical countries, so having heard many positive reviews, I decided to visit the island of Sri Lanka for 10 days in April 2016….